Searching the web for MOT Welwyn Garden City, then here’s all you need to know about your MOT

Searching the web for MOT Welwyn Garden City then the following information that every car over three years old must pass an annual MOT test and receive an MOT certificate in order to operate on UK roads lawfully. But what’s the point? For many car owners, the MOT test procedure is actually pretty mysterious. You must leave your car at a garage or testing facility every year, then wait and pray that there won’t be a significant repair charge. As a result, it is rarely anything to anticipate. But being aware of MOTs is crucial for safely operating your vehicle and purchasing, selling, and transferring ownership. A driving ban, fine, and additional points on your licence could result from not having a current certificate. Additionally, it significantly affects the price when you purchase or sell a car.

Key facts about the Welwyn Garden City MOT Test

Any vehicle that was more than 10 years old had to undergo the MOT test, which was first instituted by Ernest Marples under the Ministry of Transport. Only the brakes, lights, and steering were tested, and after that, it was done once every 12 months. In 1962, the first commercial vehicle examination was introduced, and each vehicle that passed was given a certificate. To tax the car, this certificate was necessary. As cars advanced over time, more elements were added to the test.

A car must undergo testing every year after three years (four years in Northern Ireland) to ensure that it complies with road safety and environmental regulations. 

An “MOT” is the term used to refer to this Ministry of Transportation test. 

The country’s authorised test locations, which all sport official blue signs with three white triangles, conduct MOT inspections. Numerous components of your car are examined during an MOT, including the brakes, fuel system, lights, mirrors, seatbelts, windshield wipers, and exhaust system. Every vehicle with two sets of tyres on the road today must pass the MOT test in order to be allowed to go from one location to another. The MOT test aids the authorities in differentiating between fit and unfit vehicles, so increasing patrol security and cutting accidents in half. On May 20, 2018, the MOT test underwent changes, including the addition of new problem categories, tougher regulations for diesel vehicle emissions, and the exemption of some older vehicles.

Prior to the expiration of their certificate, drivers should attempt to schedule an MOT test with a licenced Welwyn Garden City mechanic. The model and size of the car you drive will affect how much an MOT will cost. 

However, the cost of a car is limited to £54.85, and a normal motorcycle is limited to £29.65. 

A series of tests will be performed by the Welwyn Garden City MOT tester to ensure that the vehicle’s lights, steering, suspension, windscreen, horn, seat belts, tyres, and brakes—among other things—are all in good working order.

The fuel system and emissions of your car will also be examined by the Welwyn Garden City mechanics. The condition of the engine, clutch, or gearbox will not be examined during your MOT. An MOT test refusal certificate will be sent to you if your vehicle fails the MOT. Unless you are driving your car to a Welwyn Garden City mechanic to have the failed problems corrected, you cannot drive if your original certificate has already expired. You may still operate your vehicle, though, if you acquire an MOT test rejection certificate prior to its expiration. Before bringing it back to the Welwyn Garden City shop for a second test, you must still get the flaws addressed. 

Driving an automobile that is assessed to be in a dangerous condition can result in a fine of up to £2,500, a driving prohibition, and three penalty points.

Pre-MOT checks

There are a few basic measures you can do as a motorist to improve the chances that your car will pass its MOT. Running through a checklist before your test can help you maintain your renewal date if anything needs a quick fix before then.

Keep your vehicle spotless both inside and out. The Welwyn Garden City examiner can refuse to do the MOT because the boot is disorganised and the automobile is simply too dirty.

Clean the licence plates thoroughly because they must be readable for the MOT to pass.

Check to see if the wipers on the windshield are intact and free of rips.

Verify that all of the lights are operational. Ask a friend or member of your family to make sure the lights on the outside of the car are in functioning order.

Using the 20-p test, check the tread and tyre pressure.

Refill the screenwash, oil, and brake fluid levels.

Make sure that the horn is working by giving it a quick honk.

Your mirrors need to be safe and in good shape so that you may use them safely.

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the bodywork of your automobile and the one recorded in the V5C logbook should match.


Your brakes, along with your tyres, are the most safety-important parts overall, and they must function properly to pass the MOT. 

To ensure that the brakes work properly and that the automobile stops in a straight line, Welwyn Garden City testers typically place the vehicle on rollers. If anti-lock brakes are installed, the pedal rubber must not be too worn and the ABS warning light must be operational. Even on a steep incline, the handbrake/parking brake must function and keep the car firmly in place. 

Examining the discs, pads, and callipers as well as the pertinent pipes and cables allows one to determine the state of the brakes. The braking servo and master cylinder will also be checked under the hood.


Corrosion- or accident-induced sharp edges on the bodywork are not allowed since they could hurt Welwyn pedestrians. Rust is often an MOT problem, especially for older vehicles. It’s not a good idea to have excessive corrosion on safety-related parts like the brakes and steering, and rust within 30 cm of these parts can potentially cause failure.

Doors and openings

Welwyn Garden City testers will make sure all features, including the bonnet and tailgate, can be closed securely. They’ll also make sure the doors can be opened from both inside and outside the vehicle.

Exhaust and emissions

The exhaust from your car is connected to specialised equipment that is used to assess emissions for fuel-powered vehicles. Depending on how old the car is, there are different legal limits, with significantly tougher requirements for newer cars. Boy racers should exercise caution because visible smoke from the exhaust or excessive noise may indicate an MOT failure. The Welwyn Garden City tester will also verify that the gasoline filler cap and exhaust system are secured firmly to guard against potential leaks.


There must be a correct operation of the vehicle’s headlights, taillights, indicators (including hazard lights), sidelights, brake lights, and rear fog lights.. Only vehicles made after 1986 are obliged to have them, and when they are turned on, a warning symbol must appear on the dashboard. To stop blinding oncoming vehicles, the headlight alignment is carefully examined and, if necessary, changed. After April 1, 1980, two red rear reflectors were required for all new vehicles.

Horn & Tow Bar

A straightforward requirement is that the horn must sound and be loud enough to be heard by other cars. Also prohibited are “novelty” automobile horns that play several notes or songs. 

If your car has a tow bar installed (for instance, to tow a trailer or caravan), it must be stable and free from rust or corrosion.

Seats & Seatbelts

All post-1965 vehicles are required to have seatbelts, which should be firmly fastened (and strongly advisable on those built earlier). Belts must be in good repair, firmly fastened, and equipped with a locking clip. Belts with inertia reels should also retract correctly to accommodate the driver.


It’s difficult to diagnose or repair steering issues on your own. The Welwyn Garden City tester will make that the steering wheel and column are in good shape, fixed correctly and that the system doesn’t have too much “free play.” All bolts, clamps, gaiters, and universal joints should also be checked, and the steering bearings should be examined for wear. With the engine running, power steering (a feature installed in nearly all new cars) is tested. When fully locked, the wheels must not contact the bodywork.

Vehicle identification

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of your car, which can be found on the V5 registration document and is commonly referred to as the chassis number, must also be visible and readable. The windscreen base or a stamped metal panel under the hood are frequent locations.

Wheels and tyres

It should go without saying that the car’s four wheels must be tightly fastened to it with no missing fasteners. Additionally, the quality of the wheel bearings is evaluated, and the rims are checked for damage such as deformation or cracks. The tread-depth requirement for tyres is “At least 1.6mm along a continuous band comprising the central three-quarters of the tread width around the whole outer circle of the tyre,” according to the law. If your tyres are nearly at this limit, you can receive a notification that new rubber will soon be needed.

Additionally, Welwyn Garden City testers will make sure that each axle has the same size tyres installed and will inspect the tyres for cuts or bulges. The spare wheel is not examined during the MOT, but if it is outside the vehicle, it must be installed securely.

Windows and mirrors

The most frequent reason for MOT failure is windshield damage. If a chip or crack is in the region that the windscreen wipers cover, it must be less than 10mm across. Up to 40mm is allowed outside of this area. Both the rubber wiper blades and the wipers must be in good working order. Rear-view mirrors must also be safe and not severely damaged so as to obstruct the driver’s vision.

What is covered and how long does an MOT take?

Some owners opt to wait while the car is inspected during the test, which lasts between 45 and an hour. The procedure will require more time if fixes are needed after the test.

The following areas are examined during the test:

Equipment powered by electricity, including headlights, brake lights, indicators, and fog lights. 

Steering, including the steering wheel’s durability and robustness. 

Tyres, including tread depth and tyre condition. 

Suspension, which includes any corrosion and worn shock absorbers. 

Brakes, including the general state of the pedals and brake effectiveness.

Seats and seat belts 

Exhaust and emissions, including a check for fuel and exhaust system leaks 

Windscreen, wipers, and mirrors, including any cracks or chips in the windshield and the state of the wiper blades 

Vehicle Identification Number (VPN): It’s crucial to make sure the car’s VPN is visible.

Common MOT fails

Faulty lights (30%), tyre condition or pressure (10%), and mirror and windshield wiper repairs (8.5%) are among the most frequent Welwyn MOT failures. Due to the need for repairs and retest fees, these issues may increase the overall MOT cost. Make sure you perform routine maintenance on your car or take it in for a complete service inspection before the MOT is due to help it pass the test the first time.

What if your car doesn’t pass the MOT?

Defects are now classified by MOTs as either dangerous, serious, or minor from May 2018. Your automobile or other vehicles will fail its MOT if it has a serious or dangerous flaw. A VT30 form, which is a “refusal” of an MOT certificate, will be provided to you. If your car has a dangerous problem, you can’t drive it until it’s fixed, but major problems should be fixed as quickly as feasible. Minor issues can still pass an MOT even if they will also need to be fixed.

Can you drive with a failed MOT?

In theory, sure, but only if your current MOT certificate is current and valid. Only if you had the vehicle tested in the month preceding the expiration date can this issue arise. However, in order to receive a fresh MOT certificate, the problems must be fixed before the MOT’s expiration date. If you are driving a vehicle that is not deemed roadworthy, you risk being pulled over and facing legal action. It is never advised to drive a vehicle that has failed an MOT. 

Getting repairs after a failed MOT

The Welwyn mechanic or test facility will let you know what has to be fixed if your automobile fails its MOT. Following that, you have a variety of options based on the MOT failure rules. You might ask the Welwyn mechanic to make the repairs while you leave the automobile there. The car might be fixed and put through another Welwyn test later on the same day, depending on the number of defects and the seriousness of the problems. The vehicle can undergo a partial retest that just looks at the issues that have been fixed. 

A partial Welwyn MOT retest is acceptable as long as the repairs are completed within 10 days of the initial Welwyn MOT test, even if they are more extensive and take longer.

You can take the car somewhere else for repairs and then return it for a portion of the MOT test to the original garage or MOT testing facility. For equipment, such as wheels, tyres, wipers, mirrors, and doors, this retest is free. 

You will be charged the full amount if the vehicle is retested 10 days following the initial MOT test. If the partial MOT retest is unsuccessful after additional repairs have been made, you will additionally be billed the entire amount. You could also request an MOT retest at a different servicing garage, but as they would be testing it for the first time, you would probably have to pay the entire cost of the second MOT test.

What does an MOT advisory note mean?

Your car might occasionally pass its MOT while having ostensibly “minor issues.” These point to problems with the car that haven’t been deemed severe enough to cause it to fail but that will need to be fixed soon. Consider them to be warnings. Even though your car has been given the all-clear to drive, there may still be minor issues that need attention. Common problems include brake pads that are beginning to show symptoms of wear or tyres that are almost at the minimum tread depth and will soon need to be replaced. 

There is a considerable probability that your car will fail the future MOT test if minor issues are ignored. As any potential buyer will be aware of the need for repairs, it can potentially have an impact on the resale value.

Obtaining a new MOT test certificate for a lost or damaged one

You must possess a current, valid MOT certificate. Therefore, it is advisable to replace your paperwork as quickly as possible if it is lost or damaged. Any MOT test centre can provide you with a replacement MOT Test Certificate. Therefore, there is no need for you to return to the MOT’s original location. 

They will provide you with a replacement document if you give them the information about the vehicle’s registration and the V5C logbook reference number. The fee is £10 or 50% of the total cost of the MOT test, whichever is less. Although you may look at a car’s past and present MOT status online, you can’t, sadly, obtain a replacement MOT certificate.

When Is the First MOT for a New Car?

For the first three years after getting a new car, you won’t need to have an MOT. You will have to retake the MOT test once every 12 months after that. The history of any vehicle’s previous MOTs can be found in great detail using an online MOT service checker, which also tells you when your next MOT is due. Visiting the GOV Website will allow you to determine when your MOT is due.

Which Cars are exempt from the MOT Test?

Some vehicles are exempt from MOT inspections. This means that if your car is either extremely new or very old, you can skip the annual check. Automobiles that, as per the production or registration dates, are less than three years old. These are typically brand-new automobiles covered by warranties, therefore testing is not necessary. 

Classic automobiles 40 years old or older, without “substantial change.”

If you own a vintage car and are unsure whether it requires an MOT, it’s a good idea to study the Department of Transportation’s advice. They also provide a link to the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs for more detailed professional guidance on your particular car’s make and model. 

You must complete an MOT exemption form (Form V112). Additionally, you’ll need to complete the form to either pay your auto tax or request an exemption.

Do you require a MOT to obtain auto insurance?

You must have a current MOT in order to legally drive and insure your vehicle for usage on the road. However, getting auto insurance or being eligible for compensation in the event of a theft or accident is not always a need. A car that has been declared SORN and is kept off the public roadway may require insurance. Or you might require protection to go to the MOT test itself.

Your insurer may deem your coverage void if you are operating a vehicle without a current MOT for any other reason. The insurance provider and their policy provisions are what ultimately determine this. When an insurance company has withheld payments due to a car’s lack of an MOT even though the condition of the vehicle had no influence on an accident, the Financial Ombudsman has on occasion contested this. 

However, if you do file an insurance claim for a vehicle that does not have a current MOT, you should anticipate that the compensation will be reduced to a non-MOT vehicle’s value, which is much lower.

Vehicle damage and MOTs

Your car is examined for damage to the engine, exhaust system, and particular elements of the body and structure during a standard MOT test. In other words, the damage could cause your car to fail an MOT. Your insurance company will evaluate any vehicle damage following an accident. Your car is no longer roadworthy and your MOT certificate expires if it is classified as A (junk only) or B (break for parts). 

It’s uncertain if the MOT would still be valid for a car that was classified as S (structurally damaged but repairable) or N (Not structurally damaged, repairable). It is best to speak with your insurance about specific circumstances.

Learn more about the various insurance write-off categories and their definitions. By inputting a car’s number plate into the government’s online service, you may look up the MOT history of that vehicle to see if it has ever been damaged. A short fix is required before your MOT test. Consider hiring a mobile mechanic who will fix it wherever suits you—at home or at the office.

If you’ve lost your MOT certificate

You can obtain a replacement MOT test certificate in one of two methods. 

The first one is at no cost. You can view, print, and save any MOT certificate issued after May 20, 2018, by visiting GOV.UK. You only need the vehicle’s registration number and the V5C, or logbook, reference number, which is an 11-digit number with no spaces. 

The alternate route is £10. You can present the V5C reference number and your vehicle’s registration number at any MOT test facility. Although an MOT certificate is not required in order to sell a car, many buyers will still ask to see one. To tax your car and modify its tax class, such as to receive free tax for a disabled driver, you also need an MOT certificate.

Benefits of MOT testing for the user.

If you own a car in the UK, you are unquestionably required to undertake an MOT test on it every year from reputable mechanics and to keep its condition at a consistent level. The majority of car owners don’t even bother to have their MOTs performed annually, and some of them never even get around to fixing the critical problems with their cars. Highway speeds are only considered safe if the vehicle you are driving is free of any and all irregularities. And if such is the case, then accidents will undoubtedly occur, some of which may even be serious.

During an MOT test, a car’s internal components and systems are often checked off a checklist. Because the main goal of the test is to ensure that your car is safe on the road, it doesn’t always delve into detail, testing the electronics and other digital systems as well. MOT test records must be submitted annually for vehicles older than three years. 

According to numerous reports, MOT testing has significantly reduced the severity of traffic accidents over the previous few decades. The MOT test must be passed before the technically unfit vehicles can be driven on public roads.