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Car MOT Service Centre in Stevenage

We are a local business directory that lists servicing garages situated in Stevenage city centre.

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Our business is specialising in helping people to find the service providers they need, in this case

  • vehicle servicing
  • tyre replacement
  • repairs
  • car MOT

In the Stevenage area.

What is an MOT you may be asking?

An MOT  “Ministry of Transport” is an annual check on vehicles over 3 years old for basically testing a vehicle’s safety, exhaust emissions and road worthiness.

An MOT certificate is needed to be able to drive on UK Roads and to be able to register for insurance and road tax.

Stevenage MOT Test Centres

If your vehicle is more than 3 years old then by UK law if used on the road it will need to be tested to ensure the car meets the minimum safety requirement.

This is where our directory of Stevenage MOT providers comes in!

Please note:  An MOT is not required on brand-new cars or vehicles less than 3 years old.

The MOT centres we list have years of experience in MOT servicing repairs, and use the latest state-of-the-art equipment to test and make sure your car meets the MOT requirements.

If any work needs to be done to your car in case of MOT failure, they will quote you a price for any repair work at an affordable cost. 

If agreed to then their experienced mechanics will carry out the repair of your vehicle to pass the MOT.

Listed below are the requirements and what needs to be in full working order, including meeting the exhaust emission standards for an MOT test.

If you need an MOT you can check through our list of MOT service providers and contact them.

Stevenage MOT Checklist

Vehicles Body, chassis and general structure

  • All the car lamps & reflectors, including front and rear driving & park lights, high and low beams, rear fog lights, rear brake lights, indicators front and back, hazard lights and reg number plate light.
  • Windscreen Wipers & Washers
  • Head Light Alignment
  • Front and Rear Brakes
  • Road Wheels and Tyres and tyre pressures if a monitoring system is fitted.
  • Wheel alignment
  • Seat Belts functionality 
  • Exhaust Fuel and emissions test
  • Front & rear windscreens + side windows
  • Driver’s vision of the road

The above checklist is a UK standard and is carried out at all MOT stations in the UK.

An MOT certificate will not be issued by the garage in Stevenage until all the MOT checks have been completed and meet all standards & requirements.

At our recommended Stevenage MOT test centres and repairs garages, the majority of MOT failures are due to simple things.

Such as windscreen water bottles being empty, lights not working, drivers view of the road impaired and tyre condition.

These are all very minor problems and easy repairs to complete which is something you as a car owner should be checking yourself on regularly. 

The businesses we list can also provide an interim MOT service before a full service MOT is due.

An MOT interim service should be carried out every 6 months or 6 thousand miles whichever comes first.

It’s really important as a safety aspect to keep on top of your vehicle and up to MOT standards at all times, the last thing you want is to be involved in an accident due to a lack of visual & proactive maintenance which could have been avoided, we understand not everybody has the time to do this themselves, so you can contact one of the MOT providers and contact them to arrange a date and time to drop your car into them at your convenience then they can quickly & methodically give your car a health check.

At our listed Stevenage MOT garages and repair centres, the staff are qualified to carry out MOT’s on all vehicles and any repairs if needed.

Vehicle Servicing Centres in Stevenage

As well as being certified and qualified to issue MOT certificates in Stevenage, their fully trained mechanics will service your automobile in guidance with the car manufacturer’s service schedules, using only the original manufacturer’s parts and recommended fluids, if your car is still under warranty any repairs or work they do will not invalidate your warranty.

You will find your car servicing schedule in your car hand-book, if you are unsure what needs to be serviced on your car, the MOT service centre can check your logbook for the service history and make sure the servicing is up to date so your car runs smoothly and efficiently.

Modern cars nowadays have an air conditioning unit fitted, same as a vehicle’s engine this will need servicing as time goes by.

If you have run your vehicle for over 12 months using the AC, you might not realise it’s not running as effectively as when the car was first purchased, as data shows this is normally the case, then you should consider annually having a full air conditioning service.

If you need an interim service full service including air conditioning servicing, these businesses will be able to offer this service.

Car Tyres Service in Stevenage

Have you checked your car tyres recently, I don’t mean to see if they are still there I mean have you checked the tread or tyre pressures?

You might have laughed at that first sentence but it’s true, people seem to neglect or don’t know the importance of checking their tyres regularly, for wear & tear and tyre pressures, checking tyres should be a regular occurrence not just when you need an MOT!

Badly worn or low-pressure tyres can dramatically affect the handling of your vehicle which can lead to an accident, how many of us have been hurtling down the motorway at 70 mph without a single thought or care in the world, probably all of us, Guys we are not here to scare you at we just want everybody to understand the importance of checking your tyres regularly.  Contact one of our trusted Stevenage MOT & Repair Centres to book in an appointment today.

If you are unsure of your tyre pressures please check the hand-book, the recommended pressures for your tyres can be found in the hand-book, it’s important they have the correct amount of air pressure to ensure stability on the road.?

If you do have a badly worn or a bald tyre, our Stevenage garages stock a wide range of branded tyres for you to compare (It’s better to go for a new tyre as opposed to remoulds).

If you need a new tyre or would like to check your tyres for tread depth, uneven wearing or baldness, please contact us and request a check, then just contact one of our listed service providers.

Why Choose One Of The Suppliers We List?

All of the vehicle technicians at the Stevenage Garages & MOT test centres we list are highly qualified professionals, with an excellent mechanical knowledge base of working and servicing every model of vehicle imaginable.

The MOT Garage & Service Centres in Stevenage that we list, have an impeccable reputation amongst their customers for service, reliability, prompt & efficient work ethics and trustworthiness, if still in doubt please do a quick search online for them and read & review the many positive and satisfied customer reviews they have.

We hope our directory of local services has been useful to help find a reliable MOT servicing centre in Stevenage.