Funeral Directors In Stevenage | Welwyn Garden City | St Albans

Funeral Directors In Stevenage | Welwyn Garden City | St Albans

Locating a reliable funeral director following the loss of a loved one can be stressful. Local 1 4U offers a quick and easy way to find local Funeral Directors. We cover Stevenage Welwyn Garden City and St Albans and surrounding towns and villages.

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And here for Funeral Directors in Welwyn Garden City, Codicote, Welwyn, Hatfield, Brookmans Park, Cuffley, Hadley Wood, Potters Bar, South Mimms and surrounding villages.

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Bereaved families can rest assured that we only list local trusted companies to take care of your arrangements. Our funeral directors in Stevenage, St Albans and Welwyn Garden City offer a wide range of services. They aim to  help you navigate through this distressing time.

  • Arranging a funeral
  • Coffins & Caskets
  • Preparing for the funeral
  • Chapels of rest
  • Obituary Notices
  • Cremations
  • Memorial Gardens
  • Funeral Catering
  • Floral Tributes
  • Donations

Listed below are links to other useful websites that may be of interest if you are recently bereaved and need to arrange a funeral yourself or with the help of a Funeral Director

Citizens Advice offer some useful advice, you can find their web page advice on “Arranging a funeral” here.

Advise on the government website can also be useful, you can find their page “What to do after someone dies” here.

Bereavement Advice Centre may be able to offer some more insights into the best way to plan your loved ones funeral  here

National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) can be found here

“As the largest and most inclusive representative body for the UK funeral profession, the National Association of Funeral Directors supports its members in delivering high standards of care for those who have died. Providing bereaved people with information and assurance to help them choose a compassionate, professional and experienced funeral director that they can trust.

The National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF) can be found here

SAIF was established in 1989 to support independent, mostly family owned funeral directors, concerned about the proliferation of larger conglomerates. We currently have over 1000 members across 1,865 sites, as well as an additional 100 Associate members who supply products or services to the funeral profession.


  • Bereaved families can be assured of a compassionate, professional approach, underpinned by our industry leading Code of Practice.
  • We have stringent conditions for membership, which includes demonstrating a sound trading history and suitable premises. Members are inspected against the Code of Practice every two years.
  • SAIF Care bereavement support and a Consumer Protection Scheme
  • Find a Funeral Director Member here.

Organ and Tissue donation advice can be found here

The Fair Funerals Campaign can be found here

The Fair Funerals pledge was originally launched in 2015 by the charity Quaker Social Action, as part of the Fair Funerals campaign

The aim of the pledge was to encourage funeral directors across the UK to address the national funeral poverty crisis from within the funeral industry itself. By signing the pledge, funeral directors were recognising that funerals can be expensive and many people struggle with the cost. In doing so they were also making a voluntary commitment to be open about their most affordable options and to help people find funerals within their means.  

By September 2019, over 1,700 UK funeral director branches had signed the pledge; approximately 35% of the UK total. 

What is the Fair Funerals pledge 2021?

The Fair Funerals campaign has come to an end. However, funeral poverty still exists. 

Buying a funeral can be expensive and confusing. It is still difficult to find clear, comparable information about how much things cost and by when they need to be paid. On top of this, there are huge differences in what funeral directors charge. Without knowing what their options are, people can end up buying funerals that they can’t afford, getting into debt in the process. 

Learn more about Digital Legacies

Digital Legacy Association can be found here

They offer really useful advice on what to do with the digital footprint left behind when someone dies.  Your funeral director will also be able to advice on various bodies that support the need to deal with a Digital Legacy.

Life Ledger provides a free, easy-to-use service to help the bereaved send death notifications to all of the businesses connected to the deceased. They help to simplify and streamline the process of dealing with everyone from the bank to a pension provider, the TV license, gas, electricity, and house insurance, quickly and simply from a single point. 

Click here to learn more

My Wishes also provide a world of knowledge and support on the subject of Digital Legacy. You can find them here.

MyWishes provides a range of online tools that generate both legally and non-legally binding forms. Once completed, documents can be downloaded, printed, emailed and shared with loved ones, healthcare professionals and funeral directors“.

D.I.Y Funeral are on the rise with more people choosing to undertake the arrangements themselves. The perfect guide to doing a funeral yourself is explained in The New Natural Death Handbook by Nicholas Albery.


Funeral directors should provide information and web links to media companies operating with crematoriums. Companies such as:-

Wesley Media


Provide live streaming of funeral services, memorial pictures, music and slide shows of pictures set to music. These can all be a fitting tribute to a dear family or friend and provide a memorable tribute and final farewell with respect and dignity.