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Our Computer Services offer the follwing services:

Our Computer Engineers & IT Specialists offer a wide range of services including: Servicing & Repairs. Virus & Spyware Removal, Networking, PC, Laptops and Apple Macs, Software & Hardware, Consumables, Consultanc, Cabling, Upgrades, Data Recovery, Internet Set Up, Business and Home Users, Remote Access, Network Support, Win7, Vista and XP, Printer, Wireless Systems and Networks, Storage Devices, Web Design & Hosting.

Many people have computers now days and also home offices. Computer servicing and repairs have become as popular a heading as the servicing and repairs heading for cars. A sign of the times perhaps? Call out is therefore a vital service.

Software means the programming that enables the computer to interact/interface with you. The hardware is the actual visible parts such as the monitor, keyboard or mouse and printer,

Laptops and tablets are the main choice now as opposed to the original mainframe/standalone option.

Data recovery specialists can recover data from the hard drive should there be a problem due to technical failure or virus infection. It is wise to do regular back ups though to be on the safe side. You may also wish to keep your back up in a different location from the computer.

Web design is also a very sought after heading as more and more people promote their products of services on the web, Local 1 4U has a wide range of local web designers for you to choose from.

Wireless systems and products are the popular choice now with WiFi readily available for the home and also many public places

Questions you may wish to ask are:-

  • Do they do call out?
  • Is there a charge for call out?
  • What guarantee’s to they give?
  • Do they accept credit cards?
  • Do they provide a collection and delivery service?
  • Do they specialise or cover all makes of computers?
  • What are their opening times.
  • How many years have they been established?
  • Do they provide free consultations and quotes?